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B is godly

2010-09-21 16:22:45 by TheWallFly

I love the flash B
it represents a careless creator
that accidentilly created a meaningfull thing
with endless amounts of meaning.
Its amazing and mind blowing
no sarcasm intended.

racking up some medals

2010-09-20 22:40:09 by TheWallFly

oh yes :p

Uggg X-mas is over...

2009-12-28 12:06:28 by TheWallFly

The holidays are over...

Im Thinking about making some Christmas spirited songs


2009-12-18 01:33:31 by TheWallFly

Im gonna start working on some audio projects...

Is it worth it?

2009-12-16 17:48:30 by TheWallFly

Im wondering about buying Macromedia flash in order to mkae flash animations, is it worth it?